Parenting Confidence

Communities for Children will support the delivery of a range of parenting programs that are regular, accessible, ongoing and sustainable. Group based programs add to the work and effectiveness of support services and can be an effective early intervention strategy. There are a range of programs which require ongoing support and/or implementation including:

  • The Early Years program
  • Bringing Up Great Kids
  • Signs of Safety and
  • Small Talk

Communities for Children have begun this process by implementing the Group Facilitation Training Project, in partnership with Catholicare Sandhurst. This project involved the delivery of a ‘Train the Trainer’ model of the ‘Bringing Up Great Kids’ parenting program. The project also includes a mentoring component, whereby participants will receive ongoing support and mentoring to establish and deliver a Bringing Up Great Kids program within their own organisation.

The aim of this project is to build the capacity of the service system to develop and deliver group based parenting programs in Bendigo. For more information on this project, please go to the Group Facilitation Training Project page.