Communities for Children (C4C) Bendigo

Disclaimer: This site is primarily for professionals working in the Early Years and the Community Services sectors. If you are a parent seeking information, the ‘For Parents’ section of this website proves some key contacts for services and supports.

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Here you will find out what makes Communities for Children (C4C) Bendigo unique, learn more about our programs and strategies, philosophies, and our vision for children of Bendigo.

What is Communities for Children all about?
Communities for Children is a strategic initiative providing service system support and programs to ensure all children have the best start in life.

Focussing on prevention and early intervention approaches the role of Communities for Children is to work in consultation and collaboration with local stakeholders to provide integrated services and support for families that bring about positive family functioning, safety, and child wellbeing & development outcomes.

Communities for Children (C4C) Bendigo programs are place based and develop and facilitate a whole of community approach to support and enhance early childhood development and wellbeing for children from birth to 6 years. C4C Bendigo builds on local strengths to meet local community needs and create capability within local service systems, using strong evidence of what works in early intervention and prevention. They collaborate with other organisations to provide a holistic service system for children and families.

The Communities for Children initiative provides a unique platform for an integrated service system response to ensure positive and sustainable outcomes for all children, with a focus on children and their families experiencing disadvantage.
Communities for Children (C4C) Bendigo is one of 52 sites across Australia funded by the Department of Social Services (DSS) under the Families and Communities Programme

22 November 2019
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Build better linkages between the family support services system and maternal and child health services.
Child and Family Liaison Project
Build better linkages between the family support services system and maternal and child health services.